The Faculty of Arts of Charles University is a multidisciplinary institution promoting interdisciplinary dialogue and knowledge in broader contexts. It is these strengths that foster our potential for research cooperation and the high employability of our graduates, and we have repeatedly acknowledged them even in times of crisis.

At the same time, CU FA also suffers from systemic issues and is slow in addressing them.

Within the faculty as a whole, there is a lack of agreement on the future development of the quality of teaching, research, and the faculty’s public engagement role. Without a collective vision and a consensus on its fulfilment we are merely reacting to situations that arise, rather than foreseeing and resolving them.

Tools for effective and transparent functioning and management of the faculty have failed to be introduced, including a system of distributing finances to the departments, regulations for career development of academic staff, long-term project management strategy or a consistent digitisation of administration.

The faculty lags behind in the area of staff wellbeing, in the creation of decent working and financial conditions as well as other forms of incentives. If CU FA still holds together as an institution, it is thanks to the willpower of its dedicated employees within various positions. While this is certainly admirable, it is clearly not right.

This situation limits our development and contributes to the long-term underfinancing of the faculty. There are in fact multiple causes for this: unclear priorities, poor-quality input data, inability to reach compromises and, as a result, to achieve our goals.

The task of the future CU FA management is to solve these long-term systemic problems. Without these changes, we shall continue to tread water and our frustration will grow while other institutions evolve and develop. Without these changes, our assets will be gradually squandered, and the faculty will cease to make sense in the 21st century.

I believe that CU FA is not merely a set of autonomous departments with separate interests and goals. I believe that we are one institution, which is capable of sharing its priorities and realising them. Together with my team, we are open to a debate about our proposed solutions and offer our abilities to implement them.

Eva Lehečková    


Challenges for the Forthcoming Term of Office
Challenges and Priorities for the Development of the Faculty in Individual Areas
Benefits of the realisation of the proposals for the individual members of CU FA academic community and staff

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